Travel in the Indian Subcontinent

Every holiday is different, each traveller unique. Cox & Kings believes that each journey then should be as distinct as its destination, as singular as its participant and each experience we create is based on this overriding philosophy.

The Indian Subcontinent is a compelling, magnetic region. It is an idea, fantastical and unimaginable, a continent where a thousand lifestyles breathe as one, founded upon a fascinating matrix of languages, customs and beliefs so varied that it would take a lifetime to imbibe its true essence. To help our guests make the best choices when travelling to the subcontinent, detailed information on the types of trips, accommodation, modes of travel in the Indian Subcontinent and other travel related information has been provided.

As diverse as the region are its range of accommodation, modes of travel and the astonishing profusion of sights to see. A wide variety of accommodation is available across the subcontinent, traversing an impressive spectrum of hotels, palaces, boutiques, inns, making comparison difficult. There is an extensive air, road and rail network that covers virtually every single destination, taking guests to the region’s famous monuments and sites, ranging from the ancient to the modern. Do check the latest information as some monuments may not be open to the public at certain times.

Depending on the type of holiday you’re on, a honeymoon, a holiday with friends or family, a trekking expedition, call our subcontinent experts who will help you choose the options best suited to you, creating a unique bespoke itinerary.