The Chamba Camp, Ladakh

A land of varying landscapes, from white deserts to blue lakes, snow-capped mountains to lush valleys, Ladakh, like a dream captured in a snow globe, is a wildly beautiful milieu set between the Kunlun Mountains and the Himalayas.

Exquisite, personal and unprecedented luxury is the cornerstone of Glamping at Chamba Camp, Thiksey. Perched near the foot of the Thiksey Monastery, Chamba Camp shines like a beckoning Shangri-La, an oasis of refined sophistication in the desolate beauty of Ladakh. Chamba Camp, Diskit presents Hunder village, Turtuk, and Sumur - the alluring barren vistas saturated with hues of white, green and brown. Witness the amalgamation of ancient cultures, stories of Buddhist monks and monasteries eternal through the sands of Time, spectacular terrains of molten fold mountains strewn with cobalt blue lakes, all at the Chamba Camp, Diskit - a step away from Paradise.
Chamba Camp, Thiksey - Operational from 15th May to 10th October, 2017

Continuing the expedition through dramatic landscapes of enormous glaciated peaks and arid thoroughfares, reach the tranquil yet thriving village of Diskit. Untouched by the mainstream mayhem, the village has beautifully preserved its sanctity despite being the commercial hub of Nubra. Nestled in a quiet corner Chamba Camp, Diskit invites you on a nomadic voyage sewn with canvas luxury. Travel across this historical landscape surrounded by the soaring Himalayas, sand dunes and mysteries of a bygone era.
Chamba Camp, Diskit - Operational from 15th May to 30th September, 2017